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About Me

Simon Lindsay Dickson is a well respected Sports and Advanced Remedial massage therapist based in Bridge of Allan, Scotland.Prior to embarking on his current career path he worked very successfully in the world of finance where he was responsible for wealth management and financial services training throughout the UK.

He began his career in holistic therapies in 2000,obtaining Diplomas in Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Auricular Therapy and Metamorphic Techniques from South Trafford and City Colleges in Manchester.He spent 4 years studying in the USA where he gained Diplomas and State Licenses in Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetology. In 2004 he became a member of the American Medical Massage Association.

He returned to Scotland in 2005 and studied further with the Scottish Massage Schools for Diplomas in Sports and Advanced Remedial Massage.In 2007, he was awarded the Institute of Complimentary Medicine Shield for the most outstanding graduate. He was also the first therapist in Scotland to be awarded the prestigious Advanced Diploma in Skin Care from the International Dermal Institute and worked as a contracted therapist to Nuffield Private Health Care.

Simon has been operating out of the Bridge of Allan Tennis and Squash club since October 2008. Details of the club can be found at, along with a list of treatments offered. In March 2009 Simon was asked to join Dr Jim McGee of Allanwater Chiropractic in Bridge of Allan, . He worked there until the end of 2010 when he decided to 'give something back' to the community, by applying to work instead as a volunteer at Strathcarron Hospice.

Simon put his training experience to good use by lecturing at the Scottish Massage Schools in Edinburgh where he was able to pass on his knowledge and experience to others wishing to pursue a career in massage therapy. Already an extremely well qualified training consultant, he decided to obtained his Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE) from Dundee University in May of 2010 and ran diploma courses in Swedish and Sports and Remedial Massage,as well as Non- Medical Aromatherapy, both in Edinburgh and Aberdeen until the end of 2015.Due to the demands of the clinic in Bridge of Allan, he decided to focus his attention completely on his local clientele.

Simon already has an extremely loyal clientele and is passionate about making sure he helps them achieve their goals, whether it be ensuring they remain injury and pain free,increase their mobility and speed up rehabilitation or simply reduce the amount of stress in their lives by helping them to relax.

Continuous professional development is vital to remain a competent therapist and In February 2009 he attended a Neuro Muscular Re-education workshop run by Dr Peter Levy DC. This introduced him to a completely new way of obtaining results quickly and effectively and he uses this technique in the clinic as part of his treatment options.In April and September of 2011,Simon attended seminars and practical workshops relating to Oncology massage at Strathcarron Hospice .In May 2012 Simon completed a groundbreaking 5 day intensive Oncology massage training course run by Gayle MacDonald, in conjunction with the Iris Cancer Partnership and The Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. This was the first time that the course had been run outside the USA. Student were hand picked to attend and the skills and knowledge learned have allowd him to work more effectively with clients who have cancer at all stages. In April of 2014, Simon completed his training in Medical Acupuncture. This enabled him to achieve even greater results by helping to release muscle spasms much more effectively than by using traditional massage techniques alone.

An extremely important part of Simon's job in addition to massage is looking after his clients' skin.He has worked with numerous skin care providers in the past but he is firmly committed to DERMALOGICA, who in his opinion, give the therapist and the client all the necessary tools to ensure their skin is the best it possibly can be.

Some of the problems clients have experienced that Simon has improved dramatically are: Teenage/Adult Acne, Sun damaged, Sensitised and Prematurely Aging skin and proper advice on shaving for men, showing them how to avoid razor burn, ingrown hairs and breakouts. Simon has helped numerous clients of all ages maximise their skin's potential and provides a FREE skin consultation on request.